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Antieke rolzegels

werkwijze keramiste Nicole Bots


Colour is Bots' first source of inspiration.

The colour-pallet of a Roman fresco or mosaic, or the glazed stones of the gate of Ishtar (Babylon), the fishermens houses of Burano, the wooden bars alternating with the brightly coloured washes of Cuban houses.

Architecture, landscapes and old cultures are the next source of inspiration for Nicole Bots.

The first years these sources led to compositions in vase-forms, nowadays also many buildings appear out of her fingers.

She is always looking out for objects to make an interesting impression in the clay. Centuries old seals from Mesopotamia are the most beautiful example of this matter.

Every inch of the work is crafted with the utmost care.

The composition of the colour, the tension , the finish. The making process is a challenge for her.

The technique requires much patience. She prefers to use paper clay. The paper in the clay gives the work a bit more stability when it is in dry shape.

She roles out the clay in large slices. The next step is to impress the clay. After that she colours it with pigments. Then she cuts off little slices and pieces and slowly builds up the object.


In the Dutch/English book "De kunst van het decoreren", ceramisten delen hun geheimen."The art of ceramic decoration", artists share their secrets. you can read an article about Nicole's work and the way she makes her art.
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