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Nicole Bots (Roermond, 1954), lives and works in Puth, the Netherlands.

Born the daughter of a brick manufacturier Nicole Bots fell in love with clay at an early age.
After training in Childcare and Handicraft she worked for a number of years for NSDSK (the Netherlands Foundation for Deaf and Hearing-impaired Children). When her own children were young she studied pedagogy. She worked as a pedagogic assistant in the Amsterdam University Medical Center.
Her interest in clay she never lost, and in 1997 she definitively decided to start using the material professionally.
She took lessons with Dutch ceramists Susan Ohler and Arja Hoogstad, from whom she acquired many ceramic techniques.
Nicole Bots uses clay pigments to colour the clay when still wet. From these wet patches of clay she cuts off what she needs to slowly build up the work.

Antique roller sealsShe is inspired by older and other cultures, by landscapes and architecture, but also by tales and stories. But not only the shape of her sculptures tells a story: so do the mysterious signs and symbols she impresses on the clay.
Since 2001 she uses 5000 year old roller seals from Mesopotamia.


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“Clay is the medium for me to express myself in what I feel and perceive. The creative process is the challenge for me; working towards a result that is exciting and colorful.
Color and rhythm merge into a harmonious whole, nature as the guiding principle”.


Nicole Bots

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