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Nicole Bots, keramiste


Nicole Bots

Nicole Bots (Roermond, 1954), lives and works in Puth (Schinnen).

Born the daughter of a brick manufacturer Nicole Bots fell in love with clay at an early age.

After training in Childcare and Handicraft she worked for a number of years for NSDSK (the Netherlands Foundation for Deaf and Hearing-impaired Children). When her own children were young she studied pedagogy. She worked for many years as a pedagogic assistant in the Academic Medical Centre, the teaching hospital of Amsterdam University.  

Nicole Bots never lost her interest in clay entirely, and in 1997 she definitively decided to start using the material professionally.

She took lessons with Dutch ceramists Susan Ohler and Arja Hoogstad, from whom she acquired the necessary ceramic techniques.

Nicole Bots uses clay pigments to colour the clay when still wet. This clay is formed into strips and flat pieces of varying sizes, which are gradually built up to give the figure its final shape.

She is inspired by older and other cultures, by landscapes and architecture, but also by tales and stories. In her work one might recognize an abstract Ecuador landscape or the terraced landscape of the wine-growing Alsace. But not only the shape of her sculptures tells a story: so do the mysterious signs and symbols she impresses on the clay.

The Gallery Archea Ancient Art has allowed Nicole Bots to make use of 5000-year-old cylinder seals from Mesopotamia. This led to her contact with the most important cylinder seal collector in the Netherlands whose seals she is now able to use. The Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam has been showing the collection of cylinder seals and thematic work by Nicole Bots in 2003.

She works intuitively from her imagination. She sometimes ''has a row with the material'' when it will take her many hours to get the clay to do as she wishes. The ultimate shapes are the outcome of her experiences visual and otherwise, readings, feelings and sensations.


Coming exhibitions

21 October - 18 November 2018
Exhibition Aurora Art galerie
Sportlaan 54-B, 1722 XK Zuid-Scharwoude (Alkmaar), The Netherlands

Exhibition history

2017 home exhibition, Schinveld
2016 International glass- and ceramics market (Belgium)
2014 home exhibition, Puth
2014 Museum Land van Valkenburg, Valkenburg
2014 Werkplaats K, Kerkrade
2013 Gallery Zuyderlicht, Schinnen
2013 Gallery November, Ameland
2012 ABC, Dronten
2012 home exhibition, Puth
2012 Gallery Markt 11, Heusden
2012 Bonnefanten Museum Kunstuitleen, Maastricht
2011 Kunstmaand Ameland, Ameland
2011 Beeldentuin Door-Zicht, Maastricht
2011 Museum Het Domein, Sittard
2010 ’t Reghthuys, Nieuwkoop
2010 museum Land van Valkenburg, Valkenburg
2010 Internationaal Perscentrum Vlaanderen, Antwerpen(B)
2009 Vogelzang Puth
2009 Urmond – little church
2008-2009 Dronten
2008 Hamburg – gallery Marziart
2007 month of art Ameland
2007 exhibition municipality house Beek
2007 home exhibition Vogelzang Puth
2007 gallery 't Weefhuis, Nuenen
2006 exhibition at home with friends Amsterdam
2006 de Beeldenwinkel Amsterdam
2005 municipality house Heerlen
2005 gallery Beeldlijn Amersfoort
2005 gallery De Vlaming Den Haag
2005 art route Schinnen Schinnen
2004 gallery Vromans Amsterdam
2004 gallery Het Weefhuis Nuenen
2004 gallery Rem Jabeek
2004 Kunst op de Koekoek Etten-Leur
2003 Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam
2003 gallery Vromans Amsterdam
2003 exhibition at home with friends Amsterdam
2003 gallery De Verbeelding Baarle-Hertog (B)
2002 gallery Mia Joosten Amsterdam
2002 gallery Archea Ancient Art Amsterdam
2002 gallery Het Weefhuis Nuenen
2002 gallery De Mestriner Banholt
2002 AFA Rosmalen/gallery Het Weefhuis Rosmalen
2001 gallery Tracé Maastricht
2001 gallery Rooyart Venray
2000 gallery De Nickelschuppen Jülich-Koslar (D)
1999 exhibition at home with friends Amsterdam
1997 exhibition at home with friends Amsterdam